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Wardrobe Consultation

Wardrobe Consultation

The relationship with your wardrobe has been bitter sweet for a while now and it’s time for achange. Revolutionize the way you look at your cherished pieces with a wardrobe consultation that will help you through the process of a body shape analysis, clean out, de-clutter, choosing to mend or send, storage options, as well as a wardrobe planner chart.

Body shape analysis: Ever go to a store and leave frustrated in the clothing you bought? Or alternatively, have you faced the ultimate disappointment by leaving empty handed because nothing seems to fit properly? Stephanie will define your own individual body shape so that you’ll always be able to find clothes you love.

Clean out: Why leave spring cleaning for spring time? Sometimes a good old fashioned “out with the old and in with the new!” is just what you need to cleanse yourself of unconscious stress, remind yourself of the pieces you love, and replace the ones you don’t with something that leaves you feeling confident and refreshed.
De-clutter: When you can’t see the closet floor anymore it might be time to ask yourself: trash, opshop, keep? Stephanie understands how hard it can be to let go of pieces you’ve had for ages and have seen better days, or that one piece that you know you’ll wear, one day. Stephanie will help you sort through your cherished items and make decisions that are for the best.

Mend or send: When you do go through your things, chances are you’ll come across something you put aside to be fixed; it was missing a button, or a few stitches came out. Don’t let a missing button stop you from looking great! Stephanie will help you decide which pieces are mendable so you can enjoy them once more.

Storage options: Okay. So you’ve done your spring cleaning. You’ve de-cluttered and can see the closet floor; yay! You’ve gone through and shown some love to some pieces in need of attention.
Now, where are you supposed to put everything and still be able to find it? We’ve all come across that favorite shirt you haven’t seen all season because it was at the bottom of somewhere or behind something. The struggle is real. Luckily, Stephanie is also a home stylist, with practical and innovative storage ideas. You and your closet can look amazing!
Wardrobe planner chart: With a busy lifestyle, and a new wardrobe to decide from, let Stephanie take the time to help you plan what you wear and where to put it so you don’t have to lay awake at night stressing about it.

It’s all about you! Redefine and embrace yourself with some new clothing treats. Call Stephanie today at 0466 797 091 for your no obligation, complimentary consultation.
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