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Prim Personal Styling Melbourne

Did you know that over 70% of men and women feel intimidated at the thought of shopping for clothes?
Whatever your budget is, whether you’re transforming your wardrobe or searching for a special outfit, relieve the pressure by having your own personal shopper in Melbourne. With Stephanie’s level of expertise she will create a new you, radiating poise and style.
With Stephanie as your personal fashion stylist, you will feel amazing and look fabulous!
How often have you longed to try that three-piece suit in the shop window but were too afraid to step inside and try on?
Do you have a special occasion you need to dress up for but don’t know where to start?
Do you loathe shopping for clothes so much because you think nothing will suit you?
Stephanie’s personal touch as your very own stylist will have you exploring fabrics, style, accessories and colours. In just a few hours, you will feel confident in choosing clothes that you like and that suits your body shape and skin tones.
Heads will turn as you walk into a room. People will be astounded with your new confidence. You will feel and look your best – every time.

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Did you know it takes longer to read this sentence than it does for someone to judge your appearance?

With Stephanie as your personal style consultant, you need never be afraid of what others think.
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Decode the dress code: Smart Casual

Decode the dress code: Smart Casual

Ambiguous and subjective, smart casual is the dress code that everyone has heard of but no one can define – not even Wikipedia has a clear explanation. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most popular dress codes for events and offices, causing confusion, fear and often clashing attire between guests or colleagues. Blending formal and informal wear into […]